Zack’s Hamburgers Serves Charlotte’s Burgers During COVID-19



Zack’s Special at Zack’s Hamburgers.

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It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has impacted businesses of all sizes and across various industries. During this season we have seen some businesses in Charlotte close their doors for good while others have continued to fight.

The more time goes by during the coronavirus pandemic, the more we see some of our favorite local businesses struggling to keep their doors open. Some longtime favorites are shutting down for good, including recent news that Bill Spoon’s barbecue is closing for good after being open for 57 years.

Supporting the businesses we love is more important than ever.

Our Charlotte Classic Eats series debuted last summer to highlight the places we have visited for many years to remind us why they have stood the test of time. Now we want to remember why they have stood the test.

One of these businesses, Zack’s Hamburgers, is a Charlotte staple on the corner of Scaleybark and South Boulevard. Since 1975, this classic burger restaurant known for the infamous Zack’s Special has been serving its customers quality food, offering great service and sprinkling a bit of nostalgia with every visit.

Zack’s Hamburgers is a family restaurant founded by James Demopoulos. About 15 years after opening, his son, George Demopoulos, took over the family business. Due to the coronavirus, Demopolous closed the restaurant from April 4 to May 4.

Zack’s Hamburgers now offers a limited number of indoor and outdoor seating and serves all food only in take-out packaging. Although times have changed and our way of life continues to develop, Demopoulos has strived to keep Zack’s burgers the same local favorite that it always has been.

Zack’s Hamburgers can be found at 4009 South Blvd. Cool Jennings Charlotte five

“Here’s the bottom line: We never compromise our quality. We still maintain the way we always have. This is how we have always done it, and I hope we will do it that way, ”said Demopoulos. “We have always worked hard and have always been careful, but we are even more careful now. “

Over the years, Zack’s Hamburgers has had a loyal fan base and a core group of customers. As these customers keep coming in, new customers are also being welcomed every day. Regardless of the job, however, everyone should be careful with COVID-19 protocols, which Demopoulos has been striving to do since reopening. “It’s just a different world,” Demopoulos said.

Zack’s Hamburgers is closed on weekends during COVID-19, but staff serve burgers and fries Monday through Friday. Cool Jennings Charlotte five

So far Demopoulos has managed to keep all Zack’s Hamburgers staff on board. “As long as we pay the bills, pay our employees and ensure that our staff and customers are taken care of in the safest way, this is our priority,” said Demopoulos.

Compassion for all who walk through the doors, the unwavering passion for serving quality food, and humility during trials and highlights have been three key ingredients of Zack’s Hamburgers success over the years. “We always work here with the heart,” said Demopoulos.

Onion rings at Zack’s Hamburgers. Cool Jennings Charlotte five

Demopoulos encourages people everywhere to continue supporting their favorite businesses, large and small, to keep them open and staff employed.

“Everyone is going through something – not just us here on South Boulevard,” Demopoulos said. “Myself and the staff at Zacks Hamburgers appreciate the support of all of our customers, and we will continue to hope for the best for all. “

All food at Zack’s Hamburgers is now packaged in take-out containers. A limited number of seats are available indoors and outdoors. Cool Jennings Charlotte five


4009 boul. South

(704) 525-1720

New hours due to COVID-19: Monday to Friday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. closed saturday and sunday

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This story was originally published 6 August 2020 12:04.

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