What we order: Classic burgers and tacos for breakfast


Since Covid-19 isn’t going away anytime soon, and restaurants continue to focus on alternatives to on-site dining, we’ll bring you a roundup of the editor’s recent take-out dinners each week. Chief Timothy Malcolm.

Korea Garden

If you’re in the mood for a Korean barbecue to go, Spring Branch Korea Garden’s mainstay does it just fine. You can order online and pick up at the host’s booth, and the food (especially the beef bulgogi with sautéed onions) keeps well in transport. There are several traditional sides (cucumber salad, spinach, sticky rice), as well as a well-balanced kimchi with a minor but tasty heat. Add lettuce wraps and enjoy. I paired my meal with the steamed egg, another dish that could have gone wrong in transport but actually didn’t dry up at home.

Annie’s burgers

Burgers are a lot like pizza – often your favorite is around the corner in the neighborhood closest to you. While in the Westbury area this past weekend, I had a dose with Annie’s old fashioned burgers. If you’ve been to Annie’s, you know you can only get one burger, double burger, bacon burger, double bacon burger, or grilled chicken sandwich from the burger menu. Extras like cheese and jalapeños cost 50 cents each, and you need to pair them with onion rings or fries and finish with a shake (and / or brownie). The burger is filling, the fries are fatty (with a little tangy mille-île sauce on the side), and my stomach was happy. I’ll be back for breakfast, when plates of eggs with homemade sausage and fries and good old fashioned cookies and gravy reign.

Chilosos taco house

Every time I order breakfast tacos from Chilosos I swear they get bigger and bigger. Two tacos seem overkill, and yet I’m going to order a double chorizo, an egg and some cheeses in soft corn tortillas. Taking take out in Chilosos also means that you get the same amount of targeted and personalized orders that you can get when you visit the store. If you want jalapeños and sour cream on one taco but not the other (uh, like I did), just tick the right boxes on the website. The wait times for pickup are also quite good (around 25 minutes). Just consider your hunger level before you hit send on this command.

Betsy is at Evelyn’s Park

Outdoor choices: Since arriving in Houston two years ago, the concept of waiting for the rain to sit outside has not meant anything to me. But here I was recently under an awning at Evelyn’s Park as a moderate downpour brought an unusually cold breeze for the season, and it was nice. The Green Goddess salad was even better with the titular dressing mixed with kale, Brussels sprouts, roasted tomatoes and a hard-boiled egg. The chicken salad sandwich unfortunately lacked flavor and texture, but the sweet potato fries that came with it were hard to suppress.

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