Toothsome Review’s Tour de France Burger


Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Feast Kitchen continue to be one of Universal Orlando’s toughest restaurants to get a reservation. My pattern is to visit this restaurant at least once per trip to Orlando. This continued during my August trip to Orlando. My group tried the menu item exclusive to pass holders that day. I chose to order a burger which I hadn’t ordered before. I ordered the “Tour de France” burger.

Photo by Kimmie Caputzal

Historically, Toothsome’s burgers have gotten me high marks. This is especially true when ordering for lunch on weekdays. In my experience (and that of many others), the quality of food preparation remains high at the Universal Orlando table/full service restaurants at lunchtime. However, the quality tends to fade later in the day.

As mentioned in the previous article on the Passholders menu item, our service experiences that day were not top notch. For example, someone in our group may have asked about our server: “Is she just rude? They were trying to lower the tension from the beginning of our dining experience which went very badly for various reasons. I mention this to set the scene for my dining experience with the Tour de France burger.

The Tour de France burger costs $16.95. This burger includes a homemade half-pound burger patty, bibb lettuce, roasted tomatoes, fried egg, avocado, crispy onions, and French brie. To top it off, this burger comes with a toasted brioche bun. For full-service/table dining, a burger this size with a side of fries is good value at around $17 before the annual pass discount.

On the plus side, this burger patty offered great flavor. The burger came prepared exactly to the standard I asked for. The wide range of ingredients goes well with the burger patty itself. I even liked the avocado with this burger. FYI, I generally avoid avocado.

On the negative side, the brioche bun for my burger was way too hard. It took away from the overall experience. The egg, too, tended to overwhelm the other portions of the burger. Trying to be a food blogger, I taste each component separately before tasting them together. Egg flavor dominates this burger. I wanted to enjoy more flavors than that. The egg flavor was good but must help the dish not overpower it. Also, based on the toppings of this burger, the potential mess factor is high. To top it off, the fries were average at best.

As you can probably tell from my experience I would choose a different burger or sandwich here next time. I have a reservation at Toothsome this month so I doubt I’ll choose this burger again. I hope this helps you in your dining choices. As always, eat your way.

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