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(Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story indicated that Tiga Roti had started a new concept in halal cuisine. Although Tiga Roti uses certified halal ingredients from local suppliers, it has not yet received halal certification from MUIS.)

The gourmet burger establishment Three Buns by Potato Head Singapore has launched a new concept of cloud cooking called Tiga Roti – or “three loaves” in Malay.

Tiga Roti’s menu uses quality certified Halal ingredients sourced from local suppliers, without pork, lard or alcohol.

Photo by Tiga Roti.

Classic Burgers Revisited

Tiga Roti offers six burgers which are new recreations of the classic Three Buns burgers.

Burger Tiga Roti Three Bun Burgers
Plug in three (S $ 12) Baby Huey (S $ 18)
Root Down (S $ 12) The roots (S $ 16)
Make mushrooms (S $ 12) Trufello (S $ 18)
S’Lambin (S $ 15) Rambo (S $ 18)
Cease the day (S $ 15) Big stop (S $ 19)
Boi NDoot (S $ 15) Russia with love (S $ 20)

With nearly 30,000 Baby Huey hamburgers sold since its inception in 2014, customers may wish to experience Plug Three, its counterpart.

Plug Three with Bandung Milkshake and Kids of the Corn. Photo by Tiga Roti.

Of the six recreations, three of them, namely Root Down, Make Some Shroom, and Boi NDoot, are veggie burgers.

Make Some Shroom with a Portobello mushroom. Photo by Tiga Roti.

Other sector

If you’ve tried these six classic Three Buns burgers and are looking for something a little different, there are seven more burgers available.

They are Monie Love (S $ 12), Chaud ‘Dang (S $ 15), Truff It Up (S $ 13), We Be Ballin ‘(S $ 15), Cheeseboyga (S $ 15), Hen’nie from the block (S $ 12), and Impossible model (S $ 16).

We’re Ballin ‘. Photo by Tiga Roti.

One of the new exclusive items, the Spicy Hot ‘Dang consists of a shredded beef brisket cooked slowly for four hours, topped with a homemade rendang sauce, cucumber, green onions, daikon pickle, chili pepper. and coconut aioli, served in a full toasted bun dish.

Spice enthusiasts can also consider Cheeseboyga and Hen’nie du Block which are also labeled “spicy”.

If you’re looking to spice things up even more, get a jar of Inferno Sauce (S $ 1) made with habanero and jalapeño or the Ghost Face Thrilla (S $ 2) for an even stronger kick.

Children are not forgotten at Tiga Roti with two dishes on their children’s menu.

Served with house lemonade and a side dish of house fries or buttered corn, the hamburger set and the hot dog bun set are Cat in Da Hat (S $ 12) and Frankenweenie Jnr (S $ 12) respectively.

It looks like Tiga Roti will also be serving hot dogs, but customers have to wait a bit longer as the Dawgs section remains empty for now.

Special sides

Among the seven faces available, some are more unique than others.

Check Fuhhhhh fries (S $ 9) which are double-cooked potato dips topped with spicy béarnaise, beef pepper, bawang goreng, parmesan, pickled pepper and sesame seeds.

Fuhhhhhh Fries. Photo by Tiga Roti.

Lovers of sweet potato fries may want to order the Ubi 40 (S $ 9), sweet potato fries topped with jerk chicken, smoked mayo, grilled pineapple salsa, thyme and shallots.

Ubi 40. Photo by Tiga Roti.

They also have Homemade fries (S $ 5), buttered corn (Corn children S $ 4), buttermilk fried chicken pieces (Wangs $ 7), and two salads – Miso Go Go (S $ 7), and Toss lots of coleslaw (S $ 4).


If you still have room for dessert, there are four options.

The Bread and butter fritters (S $ 8) includes half brioche bread and fried butter pudding donuts with vanilla dip.

Photo by Tiga Roti.

If you prefer a simple pick-me-up, opt for the double chocolate pot, Chocolate (S $ 6), Where Give me that Zing (S $ 6), a jar of calamansi cream and lemon.

They also have a quadruple chocolate fondant Brownie (S $ 11).

Photo by Tiga Roti.

If you prefer a milkshake, they have six flavors, including local inspiration Bandung Milkshake ($ 7).

Photo by Tiga Roti.

Other drinks such as soft drinks are also available.


It is now available for home delivery throughout the island via Oddle and delivery partners Grab, Deliveroo and Foodpanda.

The best images of Tiga Roti.

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