The colorful ‘filthy’ burgers served at the quirky vegan burger restaurant in Hull


Nothing like a juicy burger to delight your taste buds.

And Junk Soul Smothered is a burger joint that provides that perfect ‘dirty’ burger.

The pop-up spot and delivery service is the independent junk food spot featuring huge toppings, rainbow buns, and a mouth-watering dripping sauce.

It comes out of a kitchen on Chanterlands Avenue and the brand’s goal is to help Hull become a “vegan capital”.

Customers can order online for delivery or try the food at one of the pop-up take-out stores. They often host weddings or can be seen in locations around town.

Additionally, owners often travel to Scunthorpe to serve at the Café Indie on the High Street.

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Andy, a former Gourmet Burger Kitchen chef, runs Junk Soul Smothered and decided to start the business after going vegan.

He said: “I have worked with a lot of meat products before. After going vegan last year for health reasons, I decided to put my junk food experience into something I lack. Hull.

“It’s a psychedelic, all-vegan junk food brand. Dozens of all-vegan restaurants are popping up across the country, so we need to improve our game in Hull.”

On the menu, there is a range of burgers including Classic Smothered, BBQ Please, Bacon Double Cheese, Tiers of Joy, Sriracha Chick, Chick’N Mayo, Basic Cheese.

You also have a choice of toasted sandwiches and side dishes such as hash browns, loaded fries, and fried cauliflower.

The burger shop has its own mascot named JS Smothered. Junk Soul Smothered who embarks on a “flavor journey”.

“Flavor on Earth was the apocalypse. JS Smothered decided that one goal was clear here on Earth: to deliver flavor, or to see a world once blessed with innocence crumble into a dark nightmare of souls without flavor and funk free. “

Here’s a look at the delicious dishes served at Junk Soul Smothered.

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