Shelby County Restaurant scores Jan 3-10


Past restaurant scorecards

Each week, WREG rounds up the highest and lowest scores from Shelby County restaurant inspections. Find more sheet music from Shelby County and other Tennessee counties here.

The lowest:

Applebee’s # 82002 – 73 (Continued, the original message is here)
2890, boulevard Bartlett Memphis, TN 38134
Violations include: lack of supervision or person in charge of demonstrating knowledge and performing tasks, improper hand washing, food contact surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected, prevention of food contamination During food preparation, storage and display as well as personal cleanliness, the wiping cloths have not been properly used or stored. Utensils, equipment, linens and single-use / single-serve items should be stored properly, gloves used correctly, food and non-food contact surfaces cleanable, properly designed / constructed and used, water disposal wastewater and wastewater, garbage / waste properly disposed of, maintenance of clean facilities and no current permits displayed.

Goldfish (Cooking) – 82
9915 Highway 64 (Stage Road) Arlington, TN 38002
Violations include: items should be removed from the sink and paper towels should be provided, should provide dishwasher disinfectant, improper storage of washcloths, take-out containers and improperly stored utensils, cutting boards were dirty and needed to be replaced. The counters, equipment near the hand sink and the dishwasher needed cleaning, hot water was not available at the hand sink near the sushi area, a space for air was needed in the cola fountain in the ice bin. The kitchen floors, the walls around the dishwasher all needed cleaning, the mops and brooms needed proper storage.

Burger King # 7206 – 83
6869, chemin Winchester Memphis, TN 38115
(Note: several priority violations were found during this inspection)
Violations include: no responsible person was available on site at the time of the inspection, an open bag of cheetos was left on a food tray counter in the kitchen, paper towel dispensers were not functioning, pink mold was found inside the ice maker, food contact surfaces need cleaning.

Church fried chicken # 309 – 83
2304 Chelsea Ave. Memphis, TN 38108
Violations include: paper towels not provided, uncovered raw chicken was inside the cold room, fried chicken cooked to 118 degrees, an unusable prep cooler, thermometers not provided in the prep cooler, ammonia test strips not provided, dirty prep tables and the interior of freezers, dirty equipment, unusable equipment, brooms and mops must be stored properly and the current permit must be displayed properly in sight.

Kentucky Fried Chicken # 069 – 88
8995 Route 64 E. Lakeland, TN 38002
Violations include: lack of soap in the sink on the cooking line, walk-ins need thermometers, a door broom should be provided to protect exterior openings, a sugar bag left open without a cover, poorly stacked pots, the water in the sink 3 comp was dirty, hot water was needed on the back of the sink, mop and broom as well as on dirty floors and walls, screens necessary lights inside the walk-in closet and the current food permit must be displayed.

Inspector’s note: 2019 permit posted and peroxide was used as a disinfectant.

VFW Post # 7175 – Main bar (tracking score)
4681 Cuba Millington Rd. Memphis, TN 38053

Babysitting Brilliant Spirits
3475 N. Watkins St. Memphis, TN 38127

Smoothies with a Purpose
8950 Hwy 64, Suite 114 Arlington, TN 38002

Domino’s Pizza # 5442
7464 Winchester Memphis, TN 38125

Metro # 5234
4730 Riverdale, Office # 1 Memphis, TN 38141

Mike’s Hot Wings and Others
6825 Winchester Memphis, TN 38115

McEwen’s On Monroe (Bar)
120, avenue Monroe Memphis, TN 38103

Germantown Elementary School
2730 Cross Country Ln Germantown, TN 38138


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