Paducah Police Search for Burglar Who Stole Nonprofit Donations from Just Hamburgers | News


The thief broke down the front door of the restaurant and slipped inside.

PADUCAH – Police in Paducah are looking for a man who broke into a popular hamburger restaurant and stole not only company money, but money donated to a non-profit organization.

The burglar was filmed breaking into Just Hamburgers on Jackson Street on Tuesday at around 8:52 pm Surveillance footage shows the man smashing the front door glass and crawling into the restaurant. He then immediately walked over to the counter and grabbed the tip jar. Just before leaving the restaurant, he also grabbed another pot near the door. This jar contained money donated to Starfish Orphan Ministry, a nonprofit organization that helps orphans and single parent families. This week, Starfish provided free Christmas toys for families.

just the burglar of burgers 4.jpg

The burglar was wearing bright blue shoes.

“I know people are under a lot of pressure this holiday season. But it’s unfortunate they had to go this far,” said Robert Waller, owner of Just Hamburgers. “I hope he gets some help. I’m not that mad about it. It’s just – it’s disappointing.”

While it’s not clear how much money was in the Starfish Orphan Ministry donation jar at the time of the heist, the jar had raised hundreds of dollars for the organization over the past few months.

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The thief first took the tip pot.

“Every two weeks (someone from Starfish) comes to empty it,” Waller said. “And the same with the tip pot. We just had the tip jar emptied the day ahead. “

Although police combed the restaurant Tuesday night, the thief is still at large. Waller said they will take action to prevent this from happening again.

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The burglar then stole the donation jar for Starfish Orphan Ministry.

“We’re definitely going to start to better lock things down at night,” Waller said. “We’ve been lucky for 15 years. We’ve never had a serious break-in before, so we’ve gotten a little complacent. So I think now we’re going to make sure we better lock down our things.”

The burglar was wearing a dark hoodie and bright blue shoes. Waller said it looked like the thief was heading towards the Elmwood Court area.

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Photo credit: Robert Waller

Anyone with information can call the Paducah Police Department at 270-444-8550.

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