Mooyah Burgers to visit Veterans Memorial Route in Mableton in late November


By Mark Woolsey

Keylan and Erika Mitchell plan to serve up meaty and flavorful burgers and other quick and casual fare, as well as a secondary order of community involvement and feedback.

The couple plan to open Georgia’s first outpost of Mooyah Burgers, Fries and Shakes in late November. They have redeveloped space at 1400 Veterans Memorial Highway SE, Unit 150 at Mableton in preparation.

Keylan Mitchell says his wife discovered the concept online. The couple started researching and found a lot of things they liked. The Mitchell’s also discovered that the nearest location was in Birmingham. Visiting him delighted the taste buds and prompted them to visit the company’s 84-unit corporate headquarters in Dallas, where they say they are in awe of the knowledge and commitment they have found.

Mitchell says they were looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity in the food court, aware that while there were fast food options around their area, “there really was no concept of a better burger” around the corner. from the street.

“We found ourselves traveling outside of the community for the variety and quality of options we preferred. And we found out in conversations with our neighbors that they were doing the same, ”he said.

They say Mableton’s diversity, roster of amenities such as the Silver Comet Trail and Mable House Amphitheater, and rapid residential growth bode well for success.

The couple are young restaurateurs with a solid business base. Keylan Mitchell is a public administrator working with local governments on public-private partnerships, while Erika is a nonprofit sector finance and operations manager.

First and foremost, Mitchell says their business will feature top tier Angus beef. Mooyah bakes her buns daily and offers five choices of cheese, bacon, avocado, and 19 free sauce and topping choices. The fries come from hand-cut Idaho potatoes and also contain real 100% ice cream shakes. Turkey burgers and hot dogs also have their place on the menu.

They will offer paleo, keto, and gluten-free options.

Less tangible but no less important side of the formula, it promises a positive and fun atmosphere for their employees.

“We want to invest in people in such a way that they feel taken care of, that it’s a place where they can grow up and feel like it’s a good job while they’re here,” he said. declared.

Mitchell says they will also mentor and train young employees extensively, giving them the kind of skills and attitudes that will be transferable to any job they do in the future, such as great customer service and a strong ethic. of work. Mitchell says they plan to develop a work-school combination program in conjunction with campuses in their area.

It is evident that the Mitchell’s care about their neighbors, and they have the track record to back it up, with active roles in organizations ranging from the State Charter Schools Foundation of Georgia (her) and the boards of the Cobb Park and Recreation Department and the MDE School (him).

There are challenges to consider.

The much-talked-about labor shortage is a potentially difficult problem to solve. “I think it’s going to be as big a challenge as it is for anyone in general,” Mitchell admits. And with mistrust of COVID still a factor, they will deliver their food in a variety of ways.

He says with a well-rounded management team in place; however, they aim to be a place where potential employees will be drawn to.

The history of business management looks promising. The company has received several accolades, including being named by the Dallas Business Journal as the Most Inspirational Executives of 2021. They have also appeared in the top rankings of Movers and Shakers magazine and Fast Casual Entrepreneurs.

The Mitchell’s have said they want to expand to about three to five locations over the next five to seven years, with a focus on other parts of Cobb County and the metro Atlanta area.

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