Make your dull burgers interesting with these unexpected toppings


Burgers are a beloved American favorite. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite at the nearest drive-thru or you’re fully dressed for a fine meal, the classic burger is on almost every menu.

The origin story of the hamburger is one of the controversies, as many American cities claim to be the founder. But regardless of where the dish originated, it can be concluded that the original burger was nothing more than a slice of meat between two slices of bread.

As the sandwich has evolved over the years and hamburger bun was created, many fast food chain added personal game-changing touches, creating the OG burger toppings we all know and love – cheese, lettuce, onions, tomato, ketchup, mustard and sometimes bacon.

And while these toppings have transformed the way we eat our burgers, it seems like the personalization of the sandwich has mostly gone down since the addition of its original few toppings. Of course, popular burger chains like Inside and outside and Freddy’s have made their own secret spreads and sauces in place of generic ketchup and mustard, but that can’t be as creative as it gets, can it?

As a burger fanatic, I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect burger, but have found that sticking to basic burger toppings is restrictive when it comes to making the best sandwich possible. Still, I would never have realized the endless possibilities of hamburger customization if I hadn’t stumbled upon the weird PB&J Cheese and Bacon Burger at a small barbecue on the way back from a camping trip.

If you are wondering if you read it correctly, I can assure you that you did.

The idea of ​​a peanut butter and jelly burger sounded frankly good, disgusting to me too. But because I was in a burger rut and craving a PB&J sandwich too, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try – and I’m so glad I did. .

While the jelly look isn’t my favorite, ordering my first PB&J bacon cheeseburger warmed me to the idea that yes, peanut butter absolutely belongs in a burger. And there are so many other fun ways to customize your burgers that I had never considered before. Here are a few ways to leave the banality of hamburger eating behind and turn each of your burgers into a taste adventure.

Luther’s burger

Named after singer-songwriter Luther Vandross, this cheeseburger bacon donut is definitely not the healthiest way to brighten up your meal, but it looks really delicious and it’s the perfect, magical meeting of sweet and savory.

Whether you plan to use a frozen donut from the nearest gas station, or feel like incorporating a Krispy kreme, be sure to cut it in half and grill the inside in a drizzle of bacon fat.

This dish might not be the best for your arteries, but it will definitely bring more joy to your burger experience.

The Ched that walks

Another burger that offers a unique bun replacement, The Walking Ched is a deliciously cheesy burger featured in Des Moines, Iowa’s Zombie burger. This undead-themed eatery is a burger restaurant in the Iowa capital that specializes in quirky burgers and cereal shakes.

The Walking Ched is my favorite on the menu as it’s a combination (and maybe overdone) of two of my favorite dishes. With a crispy bun made from gooey gooey, fried mac and cheese, this burger features some of your favorite burger toppings alongside a giant scoop of – you guessed it – more mac and cheese. And the salty crunch of the added bacon is the perfect contrast to the buttery cheddar pasta.

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by all this mac and cheese? That’s okay, the menu has plenty of other adventurous burger options besides The Walking Ched.

The egg burger

This one is pretty self-explanatory, although quite unexpected. Fried eggs go surprisingly well on burgers, especially when paired with walnut gruyere.

Cooking Burger with Gruyère and Eggs is the perfect way to upgrade your regular burger and impress your friends and family at your annual barbecue.

If you don’t feel like incorporating a whole new recipe into your typical burger routine, you can always try adding a simple fried egg to your regular burger – and you can cook it however you like.

The PB & Egg Burger

Here we have my order of burgers and quite possibly my all time favorite.

I discovered this burger while ordering at my campus dining hall burger bar, and I’ve never looked back since. The first arrangement of this cheeseburger is a toasted pretzel bun with a scoop of peanut butter spread on top, lettuce and onions inside, and topped with a runny fried egg.

Since then, I’ve evolved my creation and found peanut butter to be better in a sauce. Just melt a dollop of peanut butter on the stovetop, add butter, brown sugar and crumbly pieces of bacon and stir until melted and poured easily. on the meat of your hamburger.

If you think this sounds disgusting, you are valid. The PB & Egg Burger is a pretty overwhelming sandwich with lots of flavors that don’t seem overly compatible. However, if one day you feel brave enough to try it, you might also find that it’s your new favorite dish.

To take with

Who said burgers are limited to their original seven toppings?

The burger can and should be a highly customizable dish that accommodates all of the different flavors and toppings no matter how hamburger-like they may look. And while many exotic burger options aren’t available on most menus, you can still try them at home.

Have fun, be creative, and remember that there isn’t any food too weird to incorporate into your summer cooking dishes.

Good hamburger preparation!

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