Kepak to launch meat-like hamburger in its ready-made range


Made with pea protein, Rustlers ‘Meatless Maverick’ will tap into the growing plant-based market – up 20% and worth £ 648.4million in the 52 weeks leading up to June 13, according to Kantar Worldpanel – with the aim of meeting the demand of buyers after flexitarian and diet diets.

Adrian Lawlor, Kepak Group Marketing Director, said: “It’s important for a brand like Rustlers to recognize this trend and come up with solutions to address it.

“Easy exchange”

“For meat reducers, ‘Meatless Maverick’ offers an easy swap while adapting to existing behavioral habits, therefore requiring less conscious change. Simply put, as a brand with significant equity around flavorful meat products, we have a strong credibility with consumers to significantly mimic the taste of meat ”

Meatless Maverick will launch into Tesco, One Stop and Booker Group in November at a recommended retail price of £ 2, according to the pricing model of its best-selling SKU, the Quarter Pounder.

By pricing its meat alternative to its existing line, the Rustlers brand hoped to remove one of the biggest hurdles to testing for the plant-based category – price.

Mimic meat at a premium

“Meat-like products tend to be more expensive than the equivalent meat-based version, which has a deterrent effect,” Lawlor added.

The Meatless Maverick Burger will be available at the same affordable price as our meat products, attracting the 52% of people who find affordability a challenge when committing to a plant-based lifestyle.

Kepak hoped the new meatless burger would generate sales with consumers who found the lack of ready-made foods suitable for their diet for snacking and eating on the go was a barrier to buying.

Meanwhile, vegan meat substitutes, world-inspired baking slices, and festive cookie assortments are all featured in this roundup of new product launches by food manufacturers.

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