Illinois Farm grows the protein of the future: flies


When you really think about it, it’s kinda weird what we accept as “appropriate” to eat.

Somewhere along the way we decided it was okay to eat cows, chickens, some fish, and about 30 different plants. Now you can tell me it was all about domestication and what is available and that’s great. What is true is that there are thousands of other sources of protein around the world that are just not socially acceptable.

Why don’t we eat other animals regularly? PETA is a crazy organization but I have to give them credit for one of the best billboards out there. Whoever asks you where the limit is drawn on animal consumption.

That’s a good question if you think about it. Cows? Sure. Pigs? I love bacon. Chickens? Who doesn’t like offers. But the dogs? Cats? Horses? Guinea pigs? You have to be a monster to eat them. Why?

Now, I don’t advise people to start eating dogs. But when I wonder why, I don’t really have a good answer. Is it just because dogs play with us and are good companions? So explain this video.

Sorry if you haven’t seen this video before. It’s pretty brutal if you think about it too long. I mean, they’re just big dogs. Delicious dogs, but dogs nonetheless. Maybe dogs are delicious too? I’ll never know because I can’t eat a dog, but I also have to recognize the ethical hypocrisy in me.

But what about the biggest untapped resource of protein on the planet? It would be insects. There are trillions of them and only about 8 billion of us. They are not more disgusting than snails and we eat them quite regularly. Is it time to start eating insects?

Well, maybe not for us, but we should probably start thinking about feeding them to the animals that feed us. This is what will happen to a farm in Decatur, Illinois. The Lower State Farm will be one of the national leaders in the production of insect protein.

Insect farming is a young industry looking to take advantage of the world’s growing hunger for seafood, meat, dairy and eggs. The production of high protein feed for livestock takes a lot of soil and water. Young insect shoots say they can produce valuable food ingredients with very little of either; the insects are raised on food and agricultural waste and do not require additional water.

It will only be a matter of time before we forget about the man in the middle and just start eating the bugs ourselves. I hope to be dead by then but who knows.

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