Cuisinart Burger press review


Screening Report: Consistency is the name of the game and this press helps me get a perfectly round, perfectly cooked burger every time I make one.

Consistency is exactly what Cuisinart Adjustable Hamburger Press offers. Unlike other burger presses which are essentially a cast iron spatula, this press allows you to tune to find your perfect burger thickness with just one turn of the dial. Because it’s a circle shaped mold, it makes a perfectly formed patty every time, which is also much better than my melting method. It’s incredibly easy to use: just slide a piece of parchment paper over the bottom, fill it with minced meat, and press it down. The burger removes from the non-stick surfaces with no problem, ensuring your burgers always look like a restaurant.

But if you think about it, looks aren’t really why a burger tastes so good. By ensuring that the burgers have a certain thickness throughout, cooking them on the grill is much easier and therefore results in better burgers. There are no extra rare burgers or extra well done burgers in my house. Instead of, this little press helped me fine-tune the perfect cooking time for each burger. I think I should open a restaurant.

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