“Cooked pleasure!” a delightful time at Silver Springs Campground


Silver Springs Campground in the northeast part of Stow recently hosted a special event organized by the Stow Department of Parks and Recreation. Cooked fun! Stow resident, scout leader and professional caterer Jeff Kline presented “Campfire Cooking In Cast Iron” to 60 pre-registered attendees.

These participants discovered cast iron kitchen utensils and participated in the preparation and cooking of several recipes. The full menu included: High Adventure Macaroni, Chicken-n-Stuff, Scout Camp Carnitas, Sweet & Sour Wilderness Ham, Three Fires Frito Pie, Texas Pioneer Pie, and several Cobbler flavors.

Mike Hillman and his son Josh prepared ground beef for one of the dishes.

Using cast iron cookware involves placing a specific number of heated charcoal briquettes below and above the pot or pan, depending on the recipe instructions. The result is a perfectly cooked dish that will feed countless people.

Stow resident Kristy Christie enjoyed the evening. “I actually went out and bought a charcoal fireplace for us to cook with while camping. I’ve only done two things in my dutch oven and can’t wait to make the same recipes we’ve made. I can’t wait to make desserts there while camping. It’s something we’ve never done.

Stow resident Patty Smith was one of the attendees and she said: ‘I learned a lot. We made the mac and cheese with burger and sausage. It takes 45 minutes to cook, if the embers are hot and straight. It could feed a crowd. You can also make desserts with cake mix, pie filling and add some pop to it.

One of the many recipes presented is almost ready to taste.

Once the menu items were finished, there was plenty of food for everyone in attendance to enjoy. Patty Smith said: “It was fun to see everyone enjoying what they were eating.” Kristy Christie adds: “We got to taste all the food. I hope this is something you will organize again.

Attendees enjoyed the Carnitas (rolled tortillas) prepared at Cooked Up Fun!  an event.

Chris Sheridan, assistant recreation supervisor for Stow Parks & Rec and event coordinator, says there could be another such event. “We would really like to do another one and have started a dialogue to see the possibility of more cooked fun! in Stow. Jeff is on board with the idea, so check out our website FunInStow.com and watch for details.


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