10 Exciting Vegan Launches That Will Make Your Vegetarian Easier


Go vegan? There are many delicious recipes you can follow to blackmail fresh veggies, but sometimes it’s just too complicated.

When you’ve had a busy day, a meal that you can quickly skip in the oven has more appeal, or you might even want to deviate from cooking entirely in favor of fast food.

We understood. That’s why we’ve brought you a guide to the best ready-made vegan meals and snacks launching nationwide in January.

From plant-based fish and chips to vegan nuggets, curry and pizza, here are 10 treats that will make the month that much easier.

Co-op fillet and fries without fish (£ 3.50)

Co-op has added one of the country’s favorite dishes to its Gro plant-based line. Created from vegetable proteins, the vegan “vish” fillet is made with rice flour, potato flakes, vegetable fibers and lemon juice in a golden paste. It is served with chip shop style crisps and vibrant peas.

M&S Plant Kitchen Hot & Spicy Wood-Fired Pizza (£ 5)

Head to Marks and Spencer for this delicious vegan pizza. A hand-drawn sourdough base is topped with vegan pepperoni, creamy “not’zarella”, pickled jalapeño peppers, spicy roquito peppers and hot-smoked paprika tomato sauce.

Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen Bigger Big Bros Enchiladas (£ 4 5 pack)

These Mexican-style enchiladas are made with sweet potatoes, spicy beans, jalapeños and rice, all wrapped in a soft tortilla and topped with spicy red sauce and roasted corn salsa. They look delicious !

Aldi Vegan Chocolate Pains (£ 1.49)

You can always have a delicious breakfast throughout the veganuary with these affordable vegan chocolate buns. Made with shea fat (instead of palm fat) with a pea protein frosting, they will be especially popular with environmentally conscious vegans.

Burger King Vegan Nuggets (from £ 3.29)

Burger King

Fans of nuggets can rejoice, as in January, Burger King became the first nationwide fast food chain in the UK to add vegan nuggets to its menu. Made only from soy and plant protein, the fast food giant claims these nuggets are designed to taste and look exactly like their original meats. A six-coin serving costs £ 3.29, or you can buy nine coins for £ 3.99 and a 20-coin shareable box for £ 4.99.

Aldi’s Plant Menu Naked Katsu Curry (£ 1.99, 380g)

Another from the budget supermarket, this katsu curry is packed with veggies and will make an inexpensive dinner for just £ 1.99.

Plant Kitchen M&S ‘Eat Well’ Vegetable Balls (3,252 g)

For something a little healthier, try M&S Eat Well Kitchen Vegetable Balls, made with mushrooms, onions, garlic and miso. They’re also gluten-free, a source of protein, high in fiber, low in saturated fat, and one of your five a day.

KFC Original Vegan Chicken Burger (£ 3.99)

KFC’s vegan ‘chicken’ burger is back on the menu for 2022 – and this time it’s sticking around for good. The burger features a fillet of Quorn coated with the brand’s original recipe of 11 herbs and spices, sat on a bed of iceberg lettuce with a creamy vegan mayo, all housed in a soft, vegan bun.

Tesco’s Wicked Kitchen Mega Mac, £ 5

New to the Wicked Kitchen line, this mac and ‘cheese’ alternative features butternut squash and smooth macaroni, topped off with crispy ciabatta crumbs, delicious soy chunks, smoky pieces of vegan chorizo ​​and nuggets of parsley.

Free From Fellows Vanilla Vegan Mallows (now in Sainsbury’s £ 1.50 105g bag)

And finally, those with a sweet tooth might want to head to Sainsbury’s, which now offers the Free From Fellows line of vegan marshmallows. They are available in a range of flavors and contain absolutely no artificial colors or flavors.

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